30 giugno 2021

Digital event – language: english

Putting business in Analytics in 7 episodes of mini series

Tech Data Original Mini Series will show the opportunity of using Analytics to grow your business. In the word full of data, it’s crucial for the business to use the right tools.

During first episode you will be introduced to a business case working with Business Analytics tool powered by AI.

You will see how this company monetizes data, uses insights to grow the revenue.

During next episodes we will show you step by step, from preparing data, automating data exploration to scaling and maximizing investment, how your company can easily leverage technology to boost the growth.

You cannot miss it!


  • Margie Gniech – Tech Data EMEA BDM, AI, Business Intelligence and Automation
  • Stephen Green – IBM EMEA Tech Sales Manager, Business Analytics, IBM Data, AI and Automation


Starting at 11AM CET


  • June,2 – Business Analytics tools – introduction to a business case scenario
  • June, 9 – Accelerate data prep with AI
  • June, 16 – Visualize and report on data
  • June, 23 – Automate data exploration
  • June, 30 – Scale and integrate
  • July, 7 – Protect your data
  • July, 14 – Modernize and maximize your investment

Join us for 25 minutes every week!

Webseries – Putting business in Analytics – Scale and integrate – IBM – 30/06/2021

30 giugno 2021

Digital Event- language: english

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