26 MAGGIO 2021

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Give your clients the confidence to make transformative decisions

Data may be considered the new oil, but extracting those actionable insights is a challenge. Artificial intelligence (AI) was designed to simplify and support the analytics process, but AI isn’t easy.
However, when backed by high performance computing (HPC), AI has the power to deliver richer insights that help organisations confidently make transformative decisions to drive their business.

Partner with Dell and achieve more, faster

As a leader in HPC for over a decade and with an Innovation Lab that’s dedicated to testing new technologies and tuning algorithms and applications, Dell has everything you need to keep pace with this constantly evolving landscape.
Through its validated designs and performance testing information, your clients can optimise their system’s performance to support smarter AI-driven business decisions.
Join us on 26th May 2021 at 4pm CET for a webinar where we explore the ‘Domino Data Labs Ready Architecture for AI’.
Data scientists need to streamline development, delivery and monitoring of AI models with an optimised technology platform.


14.00 – 15.00

Register to attend and learn how to:

• Overcome the challenging of model development to get AI workloads into production quicker.
• Support up to 20 data scientists to setup an optimised environment in weeks, not months.
• Accelerate the data science life cycle with open access to tools, compute and data.

Domino Data Labs Ready Architecture for AI – DELL – 26/05/2021

26 MAGGIO 2021

Digital Event

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